Unpacking and settling into a new home can be stressful enough without piles of extra work standing in your way. As your local moving experts, we’ve seen it all and want to share some insider hacks to help everything go smoothly.

Pack a “first night” box. Include any toiletries, snacks, books, or entertainment you’ll need right away so you don’t have to dig through piles of boxes that first evening.

Label clearly and color-code. Whether using colored dots or Sharpies, code each box by room. “Bedroom – Blue”, “Kitchen – Green.” Crews and movers will thank you later when it’s unpacking time!

Purge before you pack. Take some time to go through your belongings and toss anything you don’t truly need. Less stuff means less packing and less paying to transport unwanted items cross-country.

Following these simple tips will have you feeling right at home in no time after your big move. Let Hands on Deck Moving handle the heavy lifting – contact us today for a free quote! We’ll make your transition stress-free so you can relax and enjoy exploring your new community.